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amafe is unique in that it is disruptive in its market niche. It always takes on the challenge of the new in an extremely conservative market. Trading in giblets, there are few who express themselves at risk in an expressive way, where the basis of Brazilian citriculture is based on more than 90% of its orchards, on first generation materials and concepts, which are the traditional materials (cloves, citrumelo, swingle, among others).


Tamafe uses the reverse route. More than 90% of its production is aimed at the new citrus industry (Citrandarins Índio, San Diego, Riverside, Sunky Tropical, among others) what we call the second generation or even we dare to say, however shyly, of the new era of world citriculture.

Its differential at Tamafe is the constant search for innovation and sustainability in citrus growing initially, and that we will soon be working on other perennial crops, developing application technology based on plants, whether by variety of genetic material in its portfolio, launching of new materials pointing out trends, as well as in the elaboration, manufacture and assembly of these combinations.


In practice, to have a quality seedling, it needs to take into account, from seed production, planting and germination, selection of the best materials, application of the best raw material (inputs), and applied management for the development of a strong seedling , healthy and rustic.

Tamafe is in the validation and approximation phase with the foreign market.

Where recently there was a first process and step for exporting seeds to Dominican Republic and Angola.

Who are Tamafe's customers? Rural producers in general - Fruit Growers - Nurseries, Seedling Producers.

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