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Embrapa – Cassava and Fruits from Cruz das Almas, has been with Tamafe since the beginning of the project,

but conducted until the year 2019 in a friendly and extremely collaborative manner.

During this period, the treatment between Embrapa and Tamafe was explored in a common and unrelated way.

Starting in 2020, these negotiations started to take new directions, and we started to study ways to seal this partnership,

from there, the proposal for technical cooperation began.

The proposal is to develop in practice, the entire research base of Embrapa – Cassava and Fruits of Cruz das Almas,

in the case of citrus, within the property of Tamafe and its main partner customers.

In the agribusiness sector, Tamafe is specifically geared towards the multiplication and genetic improvement

of citriculture, strongly contributing to its longevity and perpetuity, through development,

manufacture and propagation of new genetic materials, launched in a systematic and conceptual way.

Embrapa, which assumes responsibility for developing the genetic material.

And Tamafe, in turn, multiplies and improves, introducing rusticity through the epigeny and, thus, responsible for the

development and improvement of the genetic material, to serve the Brazilian citrus industry in a broader way.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply governs the production of seedlings based on normative instructions,

that regulate this system. Tamafe stands out for having a management system that carries out this entire process,

end-to-end, treating the data necessary to comply with the regulations.

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